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Talisman bracelet multi-color cord

Talisman bracelet multi-color cord 3,5cm o/s, Gold & Silver options
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Talisman Protect & Charms Necklace

Talisman 'Protect & Charms' Necklace   Up: Moon ☾ , Eye , Heart ♡ Front: Helios with gemstone Down: ☆Protect☆   Choose your favorite gemstone and let the power of this talisman bring you joy, power and luck!  
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Mirror Earrings - 'Aether' Collection


Inspired by the beauty of Greece’s most mythical island ‘Ithaca’.

Aether was deity associated with Happiness as well as his sister ‘Hemera’. According to some Ancient Greek Myths,Aether fathered ‘Gaea’ (earth),'Thalassa’ (sea) & ‘Uranus’ (heavens).

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