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Kyma hair Tie - ‘Hesperides’ Collection   According to the Myth, Hesperides were the nymphs of evening and golden light of sunset. Hesiod places the number of Hesperides at three, and their names as: Aigle ("dazzling light”) , Erytheia and Hesperethusa ("sunset glow”) referring to the colour of the setting sun: red, yellow, or gold.  
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Melissa 3D Earrings - 'Aether' Collection   Inspired by the beauty of Greece’s most mythical island ‘Ithaca’. Aether was deity associated with Happiness as well as his sister ‘Hemera’. According to some Ancient Greek Myths,Aether fathered ‘Gaea’ (earth),'Thalassa’ (sea) & ‘Uranus’ (heavens).
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