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Golden Destiny


Earrings Golden Destiny Earrings - Renaissānce Collection

Immerse into our mystical collection! Inspired by the beauty of inner peace through recuperative rituals!

This Collection’s key materials are responsibly sourced stones with healing associations, such as lapis lazuli and calming Amethyst. Discover the Emerald known as a symbol of truth and love or the iridescent Moonstone which harvests the energy of the moon, all tied in with Silver & Gold.

Decorative talismans and celestial motifs were created to reconnect us with ancient traditions and embed recuperative wellness rituals into our daily practices. It’s about finding divine harmony in the beauty of the real world and feeling connected. It’s about being reborn and starting fresh.

Material: Brass 24K Gold Plated with Sterling Silver Clip - Dimensions: 3 cm Handcrafted with care _ Accompanied by his own package.

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